Parents Please find more information on the IB Personal Project and IB Program on this page.  You will find important dates to keep your BULLDOG on track.

Ms. Nicole Gamez (Advanced Academics)
IB Personal Project  - Mr. Letreal Ballinger  713-865-4400

To download the REQUIRED IB CONTRACT please click the box below.

All 10th grade students and/or students enrolled in  World History class.
This project is taking place under the World History class umbrella so some other grade level students are involved in producing a project as well (not just sophomores).
On the Personal Project, the students selects and interest that they either love or hate and wish to share with the world. 
The journey is the important part, not the end product.  This project began in September 2016 and is due March 31, 2017.


  1. Journal - document everything...what works, what doesn't. thoughts. etc.
  2. Product - this can be a poster, a video, a model etc.
  3. Report - this is 1500 - 3500 words; approx. 3 pages. 

On April 26nd 5-7pm there will be a display of some of the tangible products in the HEIGHTS HS CAFETERIA.

Students may proceed independent of the class; there are lessons on the HUB that the teachers have to be sure that the students are doing because the lessons teach how to research etc.  The process is important. 
In the journal students need to be documenting failures and mistakes. 
The final paper must be grounded in research so students must be learning how to find credible sources.
Students must learn to practice reflection and finding research.  They need to understand that failure can be a positive learning experience.  They need to establish a relationship with their supervisor.
Mentors have 3 - 5 students to check progress.  Students may also have additional external mentors.
Personal interest...the investigation...grounded extension...anything outside of the students bubble or the researchers.
Accountability - World History teacher gives a participation grade.  January 18th students meet with supervisors again. 

Feb. 24th is the last scheduled time to meet; the product should be done by then so students can concentrate on the paper.
Project is non-negotiable for Pre IB students...must be done (with enthusiasm.)  TIME MANAGEMENT seems to be the key factor!  Teaching students to put their phones away and focus!  The school is providing stress management classes and tutorials as well as after school study halls. 

Student meetings in December & January.
Parent meeting in January. 
IB is the best program for college readiness as there is a lot of writing and it is interdisciplinary.
As with AP, there is advanced college credit and it is desired by universities. z

At the end of the sophomore year, student choose their path: IB diploma or AP.  Both programs are rigorous; they have different approaches.  AP is self selected on strengths of student: humanities vs. sciences etc.  Whereas IB is mandatory 6 subjects with both internal and external assessments.  IB is a more wholistic approach.  There is an exit procedure in place for students who start the IB diploma, but decide it is not for them.  The capstone is a 400 word extended essay.

DECEMBER 2016 - 1st Student Meeting

Students who attended this meeting by Mrs. Gamez and Ms. Bagos received at Parent Pack which included:

  • Frequently asked questions about the Diploma Programme
  • Heights High School Course Choices and General IB Planning Guide
  • Heights High School IB Diploma Programme Agreement and Contract

Students are to discuss the two different advanced academic options with their parents:  Advanced Placement vs International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.  Both programs are rigorous; AP is different, not necessarily easier.  Advanced Placement allows students to take upper level classes in only topics in which they are strongest; whereas IB requires upper level classes in six disciplines.  Advanced Placement is more test oriented; IB is more wholistic with some subjective scoring and a lot of writing.  

JANUARY 2017 - Wed JAN 8th @ 6PM Teaching Theatre - 10th grade PARENT MEETING!
There is an informational meeting for Parents of current 10th grade students.  Students can also attend.  The meeting is an informational hour on the IB Diploma Programme that beings in 11th grade.  Our current 10th grade students must complete the IB Contract which gives their commitment to enroll and participate in the IB Diploma Programme.  You can download the form which is found by clicking the box at the top of this page. 

JANUARY 2017 - Wed JAN 16th @ 6PM Teaching Theatre -  9th grade PARENT MEETING!
There is an informational meeting for Parents of current 9th grade students.  Students can also attend.  The meeting is an informational hour on the Pre-IB Programme offered to 10th grade students.

MARCH 10, 2017
The IB contracts are to be signed and returned to Ms. Casas in room M328 by or BEFORE March 10th.

An Advanced Academic staff member will meet individually with your child once a Planning Guide has been prepared.  Students may sign the IB contract and exit out prior to the start of the Fall 2017 school semester.

For additional information, parents and students are also encouraged to visit: