HHS Receives Permenant Installation of WWI Flag....

What a GREAT HONOR for HHS to receive this permanent installation of American History.  This flag was carried in battle in France and Belgium.  It also lead the Victory Parade in Paris, France in 1918.  

Free Internet for Eligible HS Students....

The Sprint Foundation is providing HISD with a donation to provide free Internet access to high school students (grades 9-12) who currently do not have high-speed Internet at home.

To determine eligibility for the donation, high school students must complete a short survey by Nov. 17 indicating what type, if any, of internet access they have available to them at home.

Students may complete the survey at https://goo.gl/SrpWNw.

Eligible students will be notified by the district and provided with additional details during the spring 2018 semester. Parents and students are not financially responsible for the donation. Recipients will keep the mobile hotspot throughout their high school career (four years) at no cost to their families.


Events for the Week...

Tue, NOV 7th
ELECTION DAY - Performance Hall
7:30pm Lady Bulldogs Basketball @ LaPorte HS - Play-offs Regionals Varsity Volleyball

Wed, NOV 8th
11AM - (TT) College Speaker - Lead by LOP and Gents
11:30AM - Courtyard Jalen Green Army All-American Bowl Selection Tour

Tue, NOV 9th
10AM - World War I Flag Dedication @ HHS - Announcement moved to 7th period.  

Fri, NOV 10th
7PM - Lady Bulldogs Basketball vs Chavez HS @ Barnett Stadium

Sat, NOV 11th
8:30AM - JROTC - City Hall Veteran's Day Performance
10:30 AM - ROBERT HORRY SPORTS MEDICINE  brings you the 5th Annual BIG SHOTS CLASSIC,  we are proud to announce this years location in the Houston Heights, hosted by the Heights High School.Join us for a fun filled Saturday of  three exciting High School Basketball games, a Family Friendly Health Fair, Games and Fun!  Admission is FREE! Come early for giveaways and other exciting activities.  DOORS OPEN AT 10:30 AM

Tardy Tracking Implementation

This is Heights High School calling with an important message from Principal Wendy Hampton.

Beginning Monday, October 30, HHS will reinstitute the tardy tracking system.  Students are expected to arrive to class on time.  Students who are late to class should go to the Academy office nearest the class for which they are tardy in the A Building.  For the M building 1st floor, students go to the Main Office; for the 2nd floor it will be M245, and for the 3rd floor it will be the Magnet Academy office.  

Our focus is to make sure that there are fewer disruptions to the learning process for our students.  Please assist us by having your child/children arrive to school in time to be in class on time and encourage them to get to every class on time.