Powder Puff – An American High School Tradition

Heights’ annual game marks the end of the school calendar.  The event, held on Friday, May 19th, was a flag football game between girls from the junior and senior classes.  The Senior Class of 2017 came out as victor.  The event marks the end of the school year for many seniors, as they patiently wait to cross the stage to receive their high school diploma.  Their bright future sits before them as they commence onto their new path as they head to colleges around the country. Powder Puff also marks the start of not only Finals Week but it also marks the beginning of an invisible transition undergoing at Heights High School.  The junior class soon transition to be our newest Bulldog Senior Class.  Powder Puff creates an end of the year Bulldog Spirit Day.  No matter what class you represent you represent the Spirit of the Bulldog.  From the players on the field, to the reversed rolls of young men cheering on the players, and the spectators watching the long held tradition.  Welcome to the end of your Senior Year, the beginning of your young adult lives, and the beginning of SUMMER 2017