WANTED - Principal, Heights HS

Heights HS is looking for a new principal effective immediately! HHS' Principal Mrs. Connie Berger has been promoted to School Support Officer (SSO) and will be in charge of several high schools in HISD. She reports to her new position on Monday, Sept 18th.  HISD has named HHS' Dean of Instruction, Mr. Robert Michaels-Johnson as our Interim Principal.  - rmichael@houstonisd.org

PTO has been notified by HISD of their intent to have meetings to hear input from the community and parents of kids at Heights High School.  PTO will be an intricate part of this process.  Please stay tune for more information.  

In the meantime, we would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to email:  president@heightspto.org with "What you want to see in our new principal".  We will start compiling a list.  Please include in SUBJECT:  HHS Principal