End of Year...from the Prez

Dear Heights High School Families,

We are closing in on the end of school and summer break and I wanted to let you all know how much fun I have had working with the PTO as President and working with some very hard-working people.  Julia Nolte, Steve Pittman, IzzyBayles, Shawna Hudson, and Janet MacCormick have been a joy to work with and I consider myself very lucky to have had them on my team.

As I begin my wrap up my first step was to chat with Ms Hampton to let her know about Heights High School family’s concerns regarding safety. There will be research over the summer regarding the best security measures for the school. The first step for Ms Hampton is the security of the kids on campus and that starts with the front door security. The beginning of the 2018-2019 school year starts with a locked front door after school starts with a buzzer and camera to enter the school. All gates and doors to the outside of the school will be secured with timer locks and in some instances card keys. This will all be worked out over the summer. Any other security measures will be researched over the summer to see what will work on the campus.

Another item is uniforms and name badges. Uniforms and name badges will be strictly enforced. Period. The dress code will be written and handed out to each student on the first day of school. ID’s will be done the first days of school. Students have to sign that they received and read the rules of conduct. Please discuss these issues with your student so we are all on the same page. When parents make it clear that there are rules that must be followed, students will follow more easily. If students want free dress days please attend the monthly meetings and a wristband will be given out to parents that attend. The student can use the wristband the next day for free dress. Other fun school activities will allow free dress throughout the year and PTO will let families know in advance what and when they will be.

I welcome the new board members of the PTO and I will stay on the board in an advisory manner. June 30, I pass on my baton to Kristy Jhaver and her board to keep up and add to the work that this board has done over the past two years. I will also start a committee that helps with Senior Activities to work with the class sponsors and other senior sponsors. Communication is key and we want the bulldog families to be well informed!

Congratulation to the 2018 graduates! See you June 1! Congratulations to the Santos family for winning the auction for 4 reserved seats at graduation. Look for a banner and balloons when you get to the arena! Look for this auction again next year Class of 2019!

Peace OUT!

Leslie Ball

Heights High School PTO

President 2016-2018