Heights High School Official School Uniform Policy 2018-2019

The faculty and staff of Heights High School expect students to come to school each day dressed appropriately to insure the health and safety of everyone on campus. Students are to present themselves dressed appropriately, according to dress code, at all-times on campus and while representing Heights High School at school related activities. The following guidelines include, but are not limited to, what is considered appropriate dress for all Heights High School students:

Uniform Tops: Students are required to wear maroon, white, or gray polo style shirts. Approved uniform tops are available on campus through the PTO store. Approved spirit, student club or organization t-shirts may be worn provided they are maroon, white or gray. Tops must cover tops of pants. Shirts must be worn in such a manner that allows no cleavage, or mid-riff, to be exposed.

Pants:  Denim is not allowed. Khaki, Black or Navy pants, shorts, skorts, skirts and capri’s will be allowed. Pants must not be torn or ripped. Pants must fit appropriately at the waist and crotch (no sagging pants). Skirts, shorts, skorts must be of appropriate length (to the knee). No jogging pants, sweat pants, athletic pants, biking shorts or leggings, work out or athletic attire may be worn at any time unless directed to do so by a coach during athletic or P.E. class.

Undergarments: Students must wear appropriate undergarments at all times. Undergarments must NOT be visible, including underneath clothing. T-shirts or undershirts permitted underneath Heights polo’s may only be solid maroon, white, or gray.

Headwear: No hats, caps, bandanas, skull caps, do-rags, hoods or any other head covering may be worn at any time while on campus, whether inside or out.

Footwear: Tennis shoes and other closed tope designs are the preferred footwear. Footwear deemed unsafe, or distracting to the educational process will not be allowed. Open-toed shoes are not approved to be worn in labs.

Jewelry and Accessories: No jewelry or other illegal/inappropriate acts will be allowed, Sunglasses are not allowed on campus, whether inside or out. No “grills” or other mouth accessory will be allowed (with the exception of orthodontia). 

Jackets and Outerwear: Approved Heights High embroidery or printed outerwear is preferred and is available through the PTO store. If you do not wear Heights High-Approved outerwear, you may be required to show your Heights-High wear at any time. NO designs that incorporate gangs, drugs, sex, violence, death, or any other design deemed inappropriate or distracting to the educational process will be allowed.

See Heights High School Official Policy Page for Full Details.