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Bulldog Bash Auction Site Closes this Tuesday!

4/21/2024 5:37 pm

There are still spots open in some great social events.  We’ve also added items that didn’t sell at auction to the Instabuys.  There are some great deals to be had!  Check them out here!

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Elected Slate

4/21/2024 5:35 pm

Thanks to everyone who participated in the General Membership Meeting in April.   Please welcome both new and returning Board members for the 2024-2025 school year:

  • President -  Tracy Lisewsky
  • Secretary -  Courtney Wentzler
  • Treasurer -  Andrea Mendez
  • VP Education -  Aimee Flood
  • VP Fundraising - vacant
  • VP Community Building -  Ivonne Aguirre
  • Class of 2025 Chair - Meggan Watson
  • Class of 2026 Chair - Sasha Vaikhman
  • Class of 2027 Chair - LaTrice Ferguson
  • Class of 2028 Chair - Hilary Schultz

Want to be more involved with the PTO? The 2024-2025 Board still needs a VP Fundraising.  This sounds like a scary job, but it isn’t!  You will have a fully staffed team, including an auction chair.  Your job will be to monitor and report on your team’s activities at each Board and General meeting.  Please email president@heightspto.org if you are interested.

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Finals Schedule, Grades 9-11

4/21/2024 5:32 pm

From Ms Hampton: At this time, we’ve been given the go ahead to move forward with exam exemptions.  Should this change we will notify the community as soon as possible.  The exemption policy is as follows:

Grade 9 students may be allowed one spring final exam exemption; two spring final exam exemptions may be allowed for eligible 10th and 11th graders.  Eligible students are those with no more than three (3) absences in any one course for the duration of the semester. In addition, eligible students must have an 85 or higher semester average in the specific course(s) where the final exam exemption is applied. 

Students are expected to be in attendance for all exams even if they are exempt.  Missing a final exam will result in a zero on the report card until the final exam is made up. The make-up period is June 10-21, 2024. After that date the zero is final.  If a student has exempted an exam and is absent, the absence could cause the students to lose exemption status and/or could cause an NG resulting in a loss of credit.

First Lunch consists of students in the M building and the G building

Second Lunch consists of students in the A and V Building

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