2/5/2024 9:36 am

Class of 2025
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Juniors will be taking the digital SAT exam at school on March 5, 2024. Note that this is a date change (the second one - make sure you check your calendars!!)!  Khan Academy offers free digital practice.

ACTION NEEDED: College Board's Bluebook update was released on Friday, February 23. Unless blocked, Bluebook will auto-update the next time it’s opened. To avoid overwhelming your network and causing delays, open your Bluebook app before test day. You do not need to login. It is critical that you open the Bluebook program on your school laptop to get this update! Technical requirements and guidance are available at bluebook.collegeboard.org/technology.

Bulldog Bash Gift Card Basket: Thank you so much for your support last year because of your generosity we helped raised funds for our PTO. Please help again this year by contributing Gift Cards for the basket.  You can purchase and give to our Class Representative. Thank you!

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